BAFN - Researcher fact sheet

Contact details

Researcher identity
Name: Melpomena Popovska
Tel: +38922782525

Employment status
    Independent researcher / expert


Working languages
Melpomena Popovska can work in the following languages:
  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian
  • Macedonian
  • English
  • Serbian

Main articles, reports, projects
Title / description of the article / report / project
2006 Differentiation of Flower Germs in some Sour Cherry varieties in Region of Skopje
2006 South- East European Development Network on plant Genetic Resources
2005 Microsporogenesis of Sour Cherries in the Skopje region
2005 Micropropagation of pome and stone fruit rootstocks and strawberry varieties for certificated plant material production
2004 Vegetative propagation of fruit and grape rootstocs and variety selection
2003 Vegetative expression of some cherry varieties and elite hybrids during juvenescent period